We have raised top quality English Bulldogs and Jack Russell Terriers for many years and now have included in our family the Cane Corso breed. Breeding dogs has been a passion of ours for many years. We are dedicated in providing Register Breeds and passing on our knowledge of caring for each member of our family!

We have renewed our love for the Jack Russell terrier after focusing on the awesome care of our "Bullies", so we are breeding them once again. We have 12 year history with this breed and love to see the vast differences in their "active" lifestyle verses that of the "laid back" Bullies.

In addition to the Jack Russell Terriers we have added the Cane Corso breed to our family and have begun breeding. A Cane Corso has been in our family for 7 years and so we decided to extend our breeding experience to introduce their "Loving" disposition to others. 

We have always enjoyed sharing our love for the "Bullies" and "Jacks" with those who can appreciate their unique dispositions and now look forward to the Cane Corso!

Once you have met one of our family, you'll want one of our pups!!! Once you own one, you'll never want another breed...then you'll want more.

We hope you enjoy our site.....

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